Revisiting Video Art that May Inspire Your Creativity

Things are never what they seem when you have control over the visuals



Kutiman is one of the most talented artists in the remix space. In this very classic YouTube piece, Kutiman collected clips from around YouTube to create a masterpiece.

Duncan Robson-Percussive Maintenance

When you have a beat in your head, you can use any media to create a remix. Here Duncan Robson rethinks the sounds in films.

Video Stories

Already Alive-NYC Dark

Reconsidering the documentary. This is a great piece to look at again because it evokes the uncanny feelings of unease and emptiness in a place that exists in our memory in complete difference.

Mark Cersosimo-This is My Home

Telling stories in small spaces. We take our spaces for granted. Using the camera, we can change the way we understand our things. Use this piece to reconsider your space and how you can tell that story.

Daniel Sax-THE GAP by Ira Glass

This is possibly the most important video on this list. It is a very important reminder of the normal feelings that you have a gap between your mind and the creative process.

Paxson Woelber-The World Beyond the World

By traveling we collect memories and we collect our digital archive. With our time inside, now may be the best time to connect a favorite poem or essay to your wonderful images.


Susie Sie-The Essence of Sound

Sound has a texture. It is physical. We take for granted that its invisibility means it doesn’t exist unless we can hear it. This is what sound leaves as its essence in this short film.

rachel knoll-Listen and Repeat

This is one of my favorite experimental films I’ve ever seen. The artist rachel knoll used a bot to capture tweets that used the phrase “nobody listens” and broadcast those tweets into a vast, empty forest.


This is a beautiful piece with no visual effects or graphics, just reconsidering paint flows when mixed with water and soap.

Use your tools to tell new stories

As a video producer, you have control over your audience in ways you may not realize. The screen is two-dimensional and your world is three. You record in realtime, but the edit controls the outcome. Things are never what they seem and you have that control.

Digital Culture Expert. Cultural and Media Studies PhD. Co-author of the first peer-reviewed article on Pepe the frog. Teaches Media Studies at Queens College

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