The Future of Conservative Politics is Resentment All the Way Down

Donald Trump Jr. posted a meme that revealed that Trump’s far-right strategy is based on shallow revenge

Jamie Cohen
4 min readJun 28, 2022


Donald Trump Jr’s post on Truth Social displaying the domino format meme. The smaller domino labeled “Obama making fun of Trump at a dinner in 2011” and the last domino is labeled “Roe V Wade Overruled.” Trump Jr captioned his post with “Fuck around and find out”
Donald Trump Jr.’s post on Truth Social shows that Trump’s politics are based on shallow revenge

On June 24, Donald Trump’s Supreme Court appointed justices overturned the “settled law” of abortion rights in the United States. The justices, guided by Trump’s politics of resentment and aided and abetted by Trump’s far-right enablers, are acting almost as though they were trolling the citizens of the United States. There is no clearer evidence of the shallow worldview of Trump politics than the meme Donald Trump Jr. posted on Truth Social after Roe V. Wade was overturned. Trump Jr.’s meme explains that the Supreme Court’s decision is really about his father’s long term revenge plot against the rights of US citizens because he’d been embarrassed in 2011. “Fuck around and find out!!!” Trump Jr. posted along with his meme.

The meme Trump Jr’s posted is the basic domino format typically used to exaggerate actions and consequences. In this case, the top domino, labeled “Roe V. Wade Overruled,” is the result of the most petty bullshit imaginable: “Obama making fun of Trump at a dinner in 2011.”

In 2011, President Obama publicly mocked Trump at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Trump had been propagating the racist and ignorant “birther” conspiracy theory — which claimed Obama was not born in the U.S. and was, thus, an illegitimate president — and it was spreading rampant across right-wing media.

Imagine how childish and immature you have to be to hold a grudge that many will believe resulted in reversing decades-old human rights. It’s obviously far more complicated than the domino meme — from Obama underutilizing his Congressional supermajority in to codify Roe in 2008 to Justice Ginsburg not retiring during Obama’s term to Mitch McConnell blocking Merrick Garland from a Senate hearing — but it’s appalling to see this type of trolling from the former president’s son.

Donald Trump Jr.’s meme speaks to the way that power can be abused because his father’s feelings were hurt — and it’s not a joke, this is how Trump feels.

According to Trump’s biographer Michael D’Antonio:



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